Welcome to Programystic, The professional profile for Peter Edney, a freelance Umbraco software developer working in the south-west (Swindon, Bath, Bristol & Cheltenham).

About me

Hi there, I am Peter, an enthusiastic freelance software developer living and working in the south-west. I live in Swindon and can easily commute to Bath, Bristol, Chippenham and Cheltenham.

I have over 20 years of professional experience working on every aspect of software project development. My recent projects have found me concentrating on Umbraco MVC projects with a strong element of unit-testing using NUnit.

Although working on a new project is always a delight, I equally enjoy taking on a problem project so I can analyse the existing functionality, resolve any issues and refactor the code if required to a more stable state.


Recent Professional Experience

Umbraco Web Developer

February 2015 to March 2015
(Umbraco 7.2.1, MVC 4, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio 2013, Git/SourceTree)
I was brought in to implement a new site using Umbraco. I designed the document types and data types and built all the required templates/views and partial views with necessary Razor markup. The site used several forms for which I developed custom views and a custom workflow to save uploaded images to the media section. The site required me to build several Surface controllers to enable much of the dynamic/Ajax functionality. I also built a PDF document generator using SharpPDF which allowed pages to be downloaded as PDF files.

CMS Web Developer

March 2014 to September 2014
Sitecore 7, Umbraco 7, MVC 4, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2012
I worked on the maintenance and development of the company’s existing websites using Sitecore and Umbraco.
I was also the lead developer for a new recruitment site using Umbraco. This was their first site to use MVC with Umbraco and so I advised on the best
approach and I designed and built all aspects of the site except for the css and javascript which had already been built.

Web Developer

March 2013 to February 2014
Umbraco, C#, ASP.Net, CSS, JavaScript, SVN, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2012
I worked on many projects which involved troubleshooting and redeveloping failed projects and building new web applications from scratch using Umbraco, Orchard and .NET MVC.
I worked on all stages of the development process including analysis, CMS design, code development, testing and deployment.

Key Skills


I have been building Umbraco sites professionally for 4 years and use version 7 almost exclusively. I love the simplicity of the system compared to some of the larger content management systems and with version 7, it has become a serious contender for the most used CMS for web agencies.
I have visited almost all areas of the Umbraco system and am quitely confident that I can build pretty much any site with it.


I have been using Sitecore for over 5 years and gained my Sitecore qualification in 2011. I have implemented Sitecore sites for several world renowned companies and have found that Sitecore's extensive enterprise architecture is well suited to such organisations.
Sitecore has a steep learning curve but once implented provides a stable platform to provide an ongoing evolving system.


Microsoft have provided me with the tools for my job for the last 18 years and so Visual Studio is always open on my computer. I have been using .NET in one form or another since 2001 and so have found myself building desktop applications, web sites using Web Forms and MVC.
I am a big fan of ASP.NET MVC as it provides a great platform for building scalable, well-structured applications.

Latest Code Snippets


Get Resource File to String

How to load a resource file into a string.


Creating an Xml Sitemap in Umbraco

How I built an XML sitemap for Umbraco using XML serialisation.


Transfer schema ownership to dbo for an umbraco database

How I resolved a problem with schema ownership when moving an Umbraco database from the shared-hosting stage server to the live database server.


Umbraco MVC Forms using a Surface Controller

Setting up a form in a standard MVC way can be tricky in Umbraco so I created this sample code so that I can easily get a new form page built.


Favourite Technologies

  • Umbraco logo
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Logo
  • Sitecore logo
  • Visual Studio logo
  • Team City Logo
  • NUnit logo