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Get Resource File to String

How to load a resource file into a string.

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Creating an Xml Sitemap in Umbraco

How I built an XML sitemap for Umbraco using XML serialisation.

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Transfer schema ownership to dbo for an umbraco database

How I resolved a problem with schema ownership when moving an Umbraco database from the shared-hosting stage server to the live database server.

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Umbraco MVC Forms using a Surface Controller

Setting up a form in a standard MVC way can be tricky in Umbraco so I created this sample code so that I can easily get a new form page built.

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Title Case

The TextInfo.ToTitleCase method is pretty handy but it just needs wrapping in an extension method to make it a bit more useful.

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Zip Utility

I needed to create an MVC action that would zip and download a folder so I created a ZipUtility class.

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Download zip file powershell script

I have been updating a TeamCity build and needed to download a zip file and unzip it into the checkout folder of the build. This was achieved by adding a new Powershell build step.

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I have found myself developing C# pagination solutions over and over again, so when I needed to add pagination to my latest site, I decided to develop a reusable solution that I could re-use for any data source.

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Create a new Umbraco user programmatically

If you have the source-code for an Umbraco site but you are locked out or maybe you don't have a login then you could add a new user to the site programmatically.

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Pete's Code Library

Peter Edney at a wedding

My code library is where I keep all my useful bits of code that I refer to over and again. They are generally incomplete and are a quick tool to remind me of how to resolve an issue.